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Inland World Logistics provides best Supply Chain services in india which represents an all-inclusive supply chain management solutions by 3pl supply chain solution management ,4PL service which provides the wide execution and performance ownership of its own supply chain management functions from the starting to its destination.
In Inland we care about your transportation, distribution, and warehousing needs which are unique to your business. A single solution sometimes, is not enough. Inland World Logistics offers you any combination of services which include the expedited and dedicated transportation, warehousing, freight brokerage, freight forwarding and distribution. Whatever the challenge, we provide customized solutions to streamline your supply chain and get you a market on time and budget as well, all with an industry level of service.

The core strength of
INLAND Supply Chain division

  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • End-to-end supply chain solution
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduction in lead time
  • Smart storage facilities
  • Robust customer support
  • Efficient Customer support
  • Optimal finance performance


  • Reduced end to end supply chain cost Cost reducction in Supply -chain
  • Proactive management of frieght flows
  • Increased flexibility and control Mutplied flexibility and control
  • Efficient use of all transportation modes Effective use of all transport mode
  • Greater visibility and real time information Transparency and real time information
  • Reduced risks and disruptions Reduction in risks & disruptions

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